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I was on the tour last night and LOVED it!! Mr. Quinn was very professional and informative. Next tiem we're in Springfield, will definately go again!! - Tami McGraw

We went on the tour on Saturday and it was great! Dana talked about personal things happening to him and that made the tour all the more interesting. He's not an actor, just the real deal and it was a pleasure talking with him during and after the walk around Springfield, IL. Thanks again Dana and tell Walter, "hello" for us. - Andrew Watts

Hi Dana. Thank you so much for showing me some of Springfield's most haunted sites on Saturday 8/11; it was a blast! I noticed some interesting phenomenon in some of the pictures I captured, and I was wondering if I could send them your way? I'll definitely be back for some spooky fun! - Kate Teed :)

Thank you for the most memorable and exciting evening. You really know what to say and do. Now only you know what I am talking about. IT WAS VERY INTERESTING,WE ENJOYED OURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!! That tour was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANKS - Shelly Marie Hatcher

Had a great night at the GHOST WALK TOUR" with Dana. He did a great job, very professional indeed. - Steve Giddings

Hello Garret!! Greetings from Eau Claire, WI. We wanted to say Thank You for your kindness while we were in Springfield and the ice cream gift you provided during the fireside chat last Friday night. What a wonderful and thoughtful surprise!! You provided us with many incredible memories of our family vacation to Springfield that we will cherish forever. We completely enjoyed the Lincoln Ghost Walk and found it to be one of the highlights of our trip. But what really stays with us even today is the time we spent talking with you at the Lincoln House and on the walk back to downtown after the Farewell Speech at the depot. We already miss Springfield and that is due to the kindness we were shown by folks like you. We wish we were still there!! Thank you so much!! - Ron, Michelle, Madison, Nicklaus Lovelien Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Garrett, We went on the Lincoln Ghost Walk last week while we were in Springfield. You did an excellent job and we truly enjoyed learning more about the Lincolns. Thanks for a great tour. - Matt and Julie Chaliff

Lois ordered your book on Amazon and it came in today. Just after I sent the last e-mail, she announced she had already finished it and loved it. Thanks again.

Wanted to let you know that a version of the story I interviewed you for just appeared in CNN travel today. Will be on budgettravel.com next week, too, but they sometimes release to CNN as well. Thanks for your help! http://edition.cnn.com/2009/TRAVEL/10/23/travel.ghost.hunting/index.html?iref=24hours - Berit

Thank you for a wonderful experience in Springfield. My daughter and I took your Ghost walk on Saturday night. Both of us had a wonderful time.....thank you. The tour guide I think that her name was Monica...is a great story teller...she made our experience something that we will talk about for a long long time... - Ruth and Claire

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed the Ghost Walk on Friday October 10th. The guide was very knowledgeable and very interesting. she answered all questions and was a great storyteller and made it seem that the story that she told was something she just uncovered and couldn't wait to share each buildings hidden secrets with us. I couldn't believe how fast the time flew and I was a little leary about entering the abandoned building at the end of the tour. I will recommend this to anyone who wants to have an enjoyable evening and learn many things about their hometown they might not know. - Cathy

I have been showing that picture to everyone. Hopefully getting you more business. Everyone says it's cool and they would like to go on the dead walk. I must say, it was very interesting and I plan on going to more myself. I will be looking forward to seeing other pics on you site. I'm glad I kept trying with my cell phone. I didn't plan on anything out of the ordinary. Have a great day and Happy Halloween! - Hope E.

My husband and I took part of your Haunted Dead Walk last Saturday, Oct. 25th. The tour was excellent, and we enjoyed really it. - Bernadette

I just wanted to tell you that I thought that the tour on the 24th was great and I am recommending your tours to everyone I know! I am the girl that stayed behind and was talking with the guide about my own haunting. My niece Rachel was a little freaked out that night after the Hickox house, but she would go back in a heartbeat. - Melissa

The Lincoln's Ghost Walk was awesome. I learned more about Lincoln on your tour than all day at the sites! Your tour was a masters course in Lincoln in just an hour and a half! Thanks so much. - William B.

Garret, you saw me standing on a corner staring at a map and you stopped offering your assistance. Thanks for the help and you were right, the Lincoln walk was the best tour I've ever taken. - Richard

We were surprised to find out you had no acting experience. You really made our Springfield visit something to remember and we're telling all our friends to visit Springfield next year and to take any of your tours. - The Meyers

The guide on Mr. Lincoln's Springfield was superb! Between his costume and the lantern we felt like we had stepped back in time. He knew the Lincoln history very well and even stumped my husband, a Lincoln know-it-all. Our thanks to him for a great tour. - Bev

It was really nice to hear Lincoln history thats not talked about so much. The Lincoln Springfield walk made Lincoln out to just be one of the guys, a citizen like the rest of us. I also really enjoyed talking to the guide after the tour. - Nate D.

Garret, I went on your Lincoln's Ghost Walk a few years ago. Recently, when I was in town with my mom, I put your tour at the top of the list of things to do on our trip since I had enjoyed it so much the first time. She agreed that it was a wonderful time and enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks so much! Melissa

Garret, you have given my wife and I such a lifetime appreciation of Mr. Lincoln and his times. We have deepened our respect for the depth of our President. You have used your gift to share the man's life and the difference one person can make to a community and a nation. You have blessed us richly. - James and Sherra