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Disclaimer: Springfield Walks has a solid reputation and we're known for being the best in town. That's because we work very hard to manage the logistics of several different tours and provide knowledgeable and professional tour guides. However, despite our best planning and training, circumstances change during the year and can create unforeseen problems operating tours. And because of this issue operating a tour business we do our best to overcome and adapt when these unexpected problems come about. Weather can create difficulties and tour guides can get sick for example. We kindly ask for your patience and understanding when we are unable to overcome an issue and abruptly cancel a tour. We try very hard to anticipate these events and overcome logistics so tours can operate - it is not always possible. We do not like to disappoint customers and we're more than happy to hear constructive feedback or find an amicable solution. We love to hear compliments as well.

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The Lincoln Experience - Garret Moffett guides this tour this 4-hour half day tour. I'll be taking you to several of the Lincoln sites where I'll guide you through the Lincoln history and tell you stories well beyond the constraints of site interpreters. You'll hear the human stories of Lincoln; the lawyer, the father, and a husband. I'll even tell you the complete story of Lincoln's funeral in Springfield, his “final farewell.” But I'm also going to found out what intrigues you about Lincoln. I want you to connect with Lincoln so that your visit to Lincoln's Springfield is memorable and meaningful. I want us to part ways with you connecting to his story in your own way and having your very own memorable Lincoln Experience to last a lifetime. This tour may not be for everyone, it is intensive Lincoln, not an average site tour. Entry into Lincoln home, Old State Capitol, and the Lincoln Tomb. (law office is closed for renovation)

Cost: $150 set price per group/family up to 5 people

Daily year around as I'm available and sites are open

Call, text, or email to check for availability and discuss details - Make your reservation today!

garret@springfieldwalks.com     217-502-8687





Lincoln's Ghost Walk: Legends & Lore - This 90-minute 5 block lantern lit walking tour uses the Lincoln sites as the backdrop for strange & bizarre stories surrounding Lincoln’s life and his death; Lincoln’s bizarre dreams of death, Spiritualism, Mary’s seances in the White House, and skullduggery at the tomb site. This is a factual history tour that includes some of the ghostly lore surrounding the Lincolns. Suitable for all ages, not a scary tour.

Tuesday through Saturday, March 7th through October 31st at 7:30pm. Groups are free to join this tour, just call us so we know you’re coming

Starts: Tour begins at #1 Old State Capitol Plaza, corner of 6th and Adams St.

Cost: $15 Adults, $12 Seniors, $8 Kids 7-17, ca or cc, exact change is appreciated.



GAR Mound Starting Point


Oak Ridge Cemetery History Walk - Enjoy a 90-minute historical walking tour through this 465-acre cemetery brimming with an amazing history. There’s Victorian mourning symbolism and obelisks of varying styles. Hear the tales of people woven into the local and Lincoln history; Mary’s sisters, Lincoln’s law partners, seven Civil War generals, soldiers and notables, governors, and other sensational stories including one very naughty bishop!

June 6 through August 12, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday at 6pm. October: 7, 14, 21, 28 at 2pm

This tour begins at the GAR mound where the circular burials and flag are located, behind the Lincoln Tomb west of the old receiving vault. Or drive past the tomb, take a right at the first stop sign, turn right at end of road, and look left.

Cost:$15 Adults, $12 Seniors, $8 Kids 7-17
ca or cc, exact change is appreciated.